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TM Far Far Land toys are designed for children from 0 to 5 years old. Under this TM there are toys for early development and formation of the basic skills necessary for the baby. All toys are developed with the participation of psychologists and educators. They make sure the toy is safe and useful. Toys have passed all quality tests and have a European certificate.

VELCRO game “Young cook” is a game that will teach your child to feel like a real chef in a fun way! Make 5 dishes from suitable products. Match ingredients to pizza, ice cream and more. Do you like pizza or ice cream? Will you add tomato to lemonade? Colorful elements will turn the learning process into a fun game! Learn more about food, practice your speaking and creativity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Game components:

  • base cards – 5 pcs. (up to 22×17 cm)
  • large parts with Velcro fasteners – 39 pcs.
  • All parts of the game are made of durable plastic, which does not get wet from moisture and is pleasant to the touch. The kid will certainly like bright modern pictures and unusual material on which they are printed.

How to play?

  • The set includes cards and objects that are attached to the cards with Velcro.
  • In this game, the young cook needs to find the right ingredients for the dish, arrange them according to the silhouettes on a suitable card, and connect the Velcro precisely so that the figures stick firmly to the picture.
  • Thanks to visual memory and the very process of playing, the baby will quickly remember the composition of well-known dishes.

The game “Young cook” teaches:

  • group items into categories
  • trains fine motor skills and precision
  • develops logic and memory

WARNING! The game is intended for children from the age of 3 under adult supervision! Contains small details. Choking hazard.

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