• LTD "Brillante" almost always accepts for return or exchange any product purchased from "Brillante" without asking for any reason and returns the purchase amount to the customer in full.
  • The customer negotiates with LTD "Brillante" about the methods of return or exchange of goods by e-mail, using special form or phone individually, in each specific case.
  • If the customer wants to return or exchange the goods due to a mistake or fault of LTD "Brillante", the purchase amount is refunded in full within 7 days from the moment the customer returns the goods to the warehouse of LTD "Brillante".
  • If the return or exchange of goods occurs due to the fault or mistake of the customer (or the customer does not want to explain the reason), then the cost of delivery return is paid by the customer or the customer returns the goods on his own.
  • The average time of resolving a dispute is 1 business day. The average time for goods replacement is 1-2 business days.
  • LTD "Brillante" reserves the right to refuse to accept the goods for return or exchange if the packaging of the goods was opened or damaged by the buyer himself and the return is due to the buyers fault or without explanation.
  • LTD "Brillante" is ready to consider any proposal of the customer to resolve any controversial issue.
  • An application for a return or exchange of goods is accepted by e-mail in English or Russian or Latvian in free form. Also, any information or agreement can be done by phone in English, Latvian or Russian.
  • You can submit a request for a return or exchange of goods within 14 days after receiving the goods.

The Buyer may exercise the rights return or exchange subject to fulfilment of all the following conditions:

– the item is not damaged or its appearance is substantially unchanged;

– the item has not been opened and has retained its consumption properties;

– the item is returned with all the internal and external labels, protective films etc. that were on the item at the moment of its purchase intact, i. e. not cut, removed etc.   

  • The Right to Return Defective products

Should the Buyer consider that the goods received are of poor quality, the Buyer shall have the right to provide a request to the Seller within 14 days after the delivery date. In such a case the Buyer shall contact the Seller via email or by telephone using the details published in the section of the website of the Online Store “Contact us” and provide his/her data such as first name, last name, reason for returning the goods, order number or number of the invoice confirming payment for the goods, contact details (telephone number or email address) and bank details (account number, bank name and code) if the amount paid by the Buyer (or a part thereof) has to be refunded to the Buyer‘s bank account. The Buyer may request that the Seller should:

– replace the item of poor quality with the item of good quality; or

– reduce the price for the goods; or

– refund the amount paid.

A goods item shall be deemed to be an item of good quality if (i) the item conforms to the description and properties provided on the Online Store; (ii) the item is suitable for normal use in the same way as other goods of the same type; and (iii) the quality and properties of the item are such as can be expected from other goods of the same type.

The Buyer may submit a request to the Seller and return the item through a courier service. The Seller shall check the returned item carefully and inform the Buyer via email, within a reasonable time limit, whether any of the Buyer‘s requests specified above will be acted on. The refund shall be made or the item shall be exchanged within 14 days after the day on which an email confirming the refund/exchange was sent.

If the Buyer is requesting a refund and such request is justified, the full amount paid by the Buyer shall be refunded including delivery charges and return shipment costs. The refund shall be made by the same method which was selected by the Buyer for the purchase of the goods.

  • Return Methods

The Buyer may return the goods by sending them through any courier service providing a tracking code.

  • The Buyer shall pay for and accept the goods purchased according to a procedure set out in these Terms and Conditions. If the Buyer refuses to accept the goods at delivery, without a valid reason, the Buyer shall pay the goods return costs at the Seller‘s request. The Buyer shall also pay the costs claimed by the courier if the Buyer fails to accept the goods at the time agreed with the courier.

  • The Buyer shall safeguard the Account log-in data assigned to him/her and shall not disclose them to third parties. The Buyer shall be responsible for retaining such data and shall assume liability for any actions (data transmission, orders placed, consumer comments etc.) that are taken on the Online Store upon logging in to the Account as well as consequences of such actions. In the case of loss of the log-in data, the Buyer shall notify the Seller immediately by telephone or via email using the details provided in the section of the website “Contact us”.

  • The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the Buyer’s data provided on the Online Store are accurate, correct and complete. In the event of change in such data, the Buyer shall update them in the My Account section or shall inform the Seller about the change by telephone or via email using the details provided in the section of the website “Contact us”. The Seller shall not assume liability, in any circumstances, for any damage incurred by the Buyer and/or third parties due to the Buyer’s failure to provide current and/or complete personal data or to update/supplement data in the case of their change. If the Buyer has provided personal data of third parties for the purpose of using the Online Store, the Buyer shall assume responsibility for the lawfulness of the provision and use of such data.

  • Should any issue concerning goods purchased on the Online Store arise, the Buyer may approach the Seller by telephone or via email using the details provided in the section of the Online Store “Contact us”. In addition, the Buyer may submit an application/complaint to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service.