Lion Hadakara Body soap refill 800ml 291299
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800 ml.800 ml.

The innovative dual moisturizing formula contains humectants and ingredients that retain moisture inside the skin throughout the day, even when in close contact with clothing. Thick foam perfectly removes impurities, makes the skin soft and velvety. Suitable for adults, children and people with sensitive skin. The perfume composition retains the fragrance on the skin for a long time, gradually opening up from the fruity notes of apple, pear and peach through the floral notes of lily, rose and jasmine.


How to use: apply a small amount of the product on a sponge or body, lather on the skin, rinse with water.

Precautions: keep away from children, heat, direct sunlight. Use as directed. If soap gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water. Stop using the product if it does not suit your skin. If the product enters the mouth or stomach, drink water or milk, if you feel unwell, consult a doctor.

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