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Nannak® Boksi is designed to assist with daily baby care. Nannak® Boksi changing unit is comfortable, has a pleasant feel and is safe for domestic as well as professional use. Nannak® Boksi is made from a high quality material that is soft, warm, has no seams and is waterproof.

Nannak® Boksi is easy to clean and can be washed directly under a tap. It can be cleaned with the same wipes that are used for baby care or with water and neutral soap. Do not use alcohol or its derivatives to clean your Boksi Nannak as it could badly damage it.


Nannak® Boksi is manufactured in compliance with all relative sections of European legislation on changing units for domestic use UNE-EN 12221-1:2009+A1:2013 (type 1 changing units, designed for children up to the  12 months or up to a maximum weight of 11 kg).

You can use Nannak® Boksi to dry baby after bath, to dress and to change diapers or for a massage with all comfort and safety that treatment of your child requires.


Use: to change the diaper place your baby’s back on the flat surface of Nannak® Boksi changing unit placing the baby’s head near the protective cushion and the feet in the open area. Nannak Boksi is not designed for sleep at any time.

With Nannak Boksi you can measure your baby’s height. To take a measurement place baby’s head on the protective cushion and check markings on a side of the unit for measurement.


Caution: Always take extra care when using Nannak® Boksi on top of a chest of drawers or a cot. Make sure that surface the unit rests on is not slippery and is larger than the base of Nannak® Boksi. If parts of Nannak® Boksi base are not supported, the baby could fall. Never place the product at the height above the chest level or very close to heat sources, such as radiators or stoves to avoid the risk of overheating or burns.


Weight: 3.5 kg

Measurements: 72x51x11cm

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