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Moony Natural pull-ups are perfect for the little wiggle worms in your life, especially those with soft, sensitive skin.

·         Crafted from premium, baby-safe materials that have passed rigorous clinical tests, they come highly recommended for your baby's hygiene needs;

·         Soft to the touch, inner layer material with organic cotton, offering your little one ultimate comfort;

·         Say goodbye to leaks with the super-absorbent layer that transforms moisture into gel for quick absorption;

·         The smart design ensures the diaper moves with your child, absorbing moisture and preventing any mishaps, no matter how much they squirm.

·         Infused with olive, rice, and jojoba oils, the inner layer soothes the skin, wards off dryness, and keeps inflammation at bay;

·         Boasting the "STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®" certification, you can trust these pull-ups to be among the safest options out there, free from harmful chemicals, fragrances, latex, and synthetic dyes;

·         A newly improved waistband means putting on these pull-ups is a breeze. They stretch easily for a snug fit without pinching or discomfort, keeping the diaper firmly in place;

·         The soft elastic leg frills adapt to any body type, ensuring a close, leak-proof fit around your baby's legs.

·         Engineered with a breathable, multi-layer fabric, these pull-ups feel like a second skin;

·         An external wetness indicator that turns blue alerts you when it's time for a fresh change, taking the guesswork out of diaper changes;

·         Featuring a convenient disposal tape, cleanup is quick and hassle-free—just tear along the waistband's seam.

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