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Diapers Whito S 4-8 kg 3h 

Diapers with a new idea. 3 hours use, this is just right Whito.

6000, is the number of diapers that a baby needs to have changed.

Until the day when a baby grows out of diapers and a mother doesn’t need to take care of her baby’s soft hip anymore, every moment is one-time-only pleasure. So it should be always cherished.

nepia Whito was born to meet such wants.


Amazing absorbability

Quilted ditches make sure to absorb lots of urine while catching liquid quickly and distribute it to the entire absorbent pad.


Amazing breathability

The air passes through quilted ditches which release inside humidity to keep your baby’s skin dry. The skin is touched at points of surface.


Wonderful fit

Whito fits your baby’s movement with its flexible absorbent pad along the quilted ditches.

There are 2 types of Whito: 3 hour use and 12 hour use. You can choose and use them differently depending on use application.

3hour type has a rather finely quilted sheet. The quite thine sheet was achieved to make it possible for a baby to move comfortably. High absorbability and breathability are maintained even with its thinness.

12 hour type is rather coarsely quilted. It has super absorbability in order to prevent diaper leaks even with a long hour use while maintaining its breathability and flexibility.


6000 moments to treasure. Whito


Whito’s original and unique quilting technology pursuing comfort for babies

Premium silky texture. Whito covers your baby’s sensitive skin gently, with its marvelously soft and smooth sheet.

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