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Babynest is a cozy nest for a newborn, which gives the baby a feeling of comfort and security while sleeping. A large space in a crib can scare a newborn baby, and this will cause problems with sleep - the baby will be nervous, feel uncomfortable, ask for hands, and the Babynest cocoon allows you to create just such conditions for the baby that will remind him of maternal warmth and peace.

Babynest is a cocoon analogue that has been specially developed for use in leading maternity hospitals and perinatal centers in Europe. The closed oval shape of the cocoon with voluminous soft sides imitates the mother's womb, which allows the newborn baby to take a physiological posture for him and feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This will help avoid common problems among newborn babies, such as increased psychomotor agitation, muscle tone and colic.


The Babynest mattress cocoon can be used in a crib or bassinet, in a stroller, on a changing table, and can also be taken with you to the parent's bed in order to be closer to the child at night, while having its own space and not being afraid of touching or pushing the baby into dream. When sleeping together, it is always important to place the Babynest cocoon mattress so that the baby's head is at the level of the parents' head. If you are planning to use the Babynest cocoon after the baby is born, then it may make sense to take the cocoon with you to the hospital, so that the baby will get used to the new "crib" and feel protected from the first hours.

Features of the Babynest mattress cocoon:

  • the cocoon is suitable for babies from birth up to 12 months
  • cocoon size: 90 x 55 cm
  • Can be used in a parent's bed to sleep with a baby, in a crib, bassinet, or stroller
  • Babynest can be taken with you to the maternity hospital, so that the child feels comfortable from the first day of life
  • closed round shape allows the newborn to take a physiological position and avoid increased muscle tone
  • mattress - cocoon Babynest is used without a pillow
  • do not use the Babynest cocoon as a carrier
  • thanks to the tightening straps, the size of the cocoon can be adjusted

Materials and care:

  • the cocoon is easy to care for: the foam mattress can be washed separately by hand in warm water.
  • Babynest can also be machine washed at 40-60 degrees, always separately from other laundry.
  • Shake and straighten Babynest after washing to regain its shape.
  • outer cover material: 100% cotton
  • the sides are made of holofiber (100% polyester), which perfectly holds its shape, has a soft elastic structure, is breathable and does not create a greenhouse effect
  • the mattress is made of cold foam, which prevents the growth of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.

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