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Japanese diapers-panties are designed for girls weighting from 9 up to 14 kg. The diaper panties look like regular children underwear. They are very easy to put on and take off, which is extremely important for children who try to put their clothing on themselves.

The diapers are made from the breathing materials that perfectly evaporate the sweat. They contain not-causing allergy ingredients, pure cotton and they do not cause skin irritation. Really soft to touch, they have side frills that protect from leaks and can be stretched twice their size. The diapers are easy to put on and take off in any situation, and they have filling indicator.  

New Moony - New technologies for your baby comfort . Even softer, more comfortable, safer!

The high belt of the diaper has become even softer and more tender. It fits tightly to the waist of the child and does not hinder movement. And the high absorbent layer absorbs moisture, preventing leakage. The belt does not tighten and does not rub, even with very active movements of the baby.


 Absorbent instantly absorbs and retains moisture for a long time, up to 12 hours. (note that the indicator may differ and you need to monitor it yourself and change the diaper on time)

The new diaper is more ventilated and provides good air circulation. The skin of the baby breathes well and does not sweat.

 New construction  in the legs holes. Gently and tightly wraps the leg of the baby and leaves no gaps during active movements and in different positions.

As before, you can always determine when to change a diaper, when the filling indicators change from yellow to green..



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