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Safety, comfort and reliable protection are the main requirements for the production of baby diapers in 2022. All of this becomes possible with the help of new technologies, equipment, quality materials, and the hard work of manufacturers.

The safety of diapers is achieved by the modern technologies and quality materials:

  • Safe and modern materials which are proven by the report of absence of unwanted and harmful substances Nr.: WUX202003230639RH
  • Plant-based raw materials are used for production of non-woven materials.
  • Low pH surface. The latest research in the field of diapers manufacturing allowed to make the surface of diapers weakly acidic so that it can match the pH level of baby's skin. It means that the diaper's surface do not disturb the acid-base balance of baby's skin and protects it from inflammation and irritation.
  • Prevents the development of bacterial flora.


The comfort is reached by the unique shape of a diaper, taking into account baby's anatomy and close attention to details.

Mulimi diapers correspond to the following characteristics:

  • Unique 3D texture provides minimal area of contact of the inner layer of a diaper with the baby’s skin.
  • Lightweight – the weight is close to 30 grams.
  • Incredibly thin, about 2mm thick.
  • There is a cutout for the navel area in the newborn size.
  • The elastic band gently wraps the baby's body providing soft and comforting diaper's fit.
  • Double elastic sidings around the legs prevent leakages without putting pressure of the diaper on the baby's skin.
  • The natural ventilation is achieved by the breathable materials on the band, sidings and the diaper’s surface. Diapers are good at letting the air in, which helps to avoid any kind of rash, redness or irritation.

Reliable protection.


The main qualities of the product:

  • The special properties of texture and layers of the diaper greatly improve the distribution and absorbance of liquids.
  • The water lock system a high-end technology absorbent which absorbs and do not give back the moisture of up to 12 hours. (We recommend to change diapers more often. 12 hours is the test result, and time, in which the baby pees the amount that the diaper can easily absorb).
  • A reliable fullness indicator.
  • The absorbent doesn't roll and doesn't knock down into a ball even if the baby is very active. A special technology is used for absorbent cohesion, holding it in place, and keeping the layer straight even in extreme conditions.
  • Vapor permeability — the important quality of materials to let the water vapor through. According to experts, it's exactly the vapor permeable outer (lower) layer of the diaper that significantly decreases the risk of skin irritation and rashes. The higher this property is, the better, since it allows the baby to avoid overheating and stay dry at the same time.
  • made according to Japanese technologies, using Japanese raw materials, on Japanese equipment and machine tools. Made in China

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