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13 pcs. 35 cm - with wings13 pcs. 35 cm - with wings
Absorbency - 5Absorbency - 5

"Laurier" Slim 5*  Heavy Nighttime 35 cm, With Wings

·         Super absorbing night hygiene pads KAO  "Laurier"

·         Soft and comfortable pads with anatomic shape will give you a sense of safety during the night sleep.

·         The pads' top layer instantly absorbs discharge.

·         Extended length and reliable edging of the pads will prevent leaking.

·         Even if the discharge is substantial, rely on "Laurier"!

·         Super absorbing pads have a high absorption rate.

·         Moisture is instantly absorbed eliminating the possibility of leakage and leaving the skin clean and dry.

·         The pad does not slide or tangle.

·         The soft surface protects the skin from irritation.

A delicate cotton insert prevents the pad from moving when you are sitting or walking. Each pad is packed in a bag convenient for disposal. Laurier is a brand of KAO Corporation for feminine hygiene products, and every third woman in Japan uses the hygiene products of this brand, so for several years, Laurier holds the first place of the rating for the total amount of sales. Currently, a total of 88 types of pads are produced ranging from classical to daily for various occasions.

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