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Treatment principle:

The cream is a fundamentally new approach to the creation of perfect skin, it combines the properties of both a preventive and intensively restoring product which treats the already existing imperfections and prevents the new ones.

A well-balanced complex of ingredients makes the cream an effective solution for the treatment of a wide range of age-induced adult skin problems, cellulite, striae (stretch marks), pigmentation, dull skin, age-related thinning and the loss of elasticity being the main concerns.

This serum-type cream smooths out skin texture by reducing dimpled zones and fixing uneven surface. The cream provides both visual (immediate) and long-lasting effects, the latter one becoming noticeable when the cream is used on a regular basis.

Treatment effect:
  • The serum-type cream intensively fixes uneven skin surface.
  • Brings back resilience and “suppleness” of the skin.
  • Reduces the signs of cellulite.
  • The cream can be used as a preventive care product to prevent stretch marks (striae) that occur during pregnancy or are induced by hormonal changes in the body.
  • The cream is used as an intensive body skin care supporting product and as a massage cream when on a weight loss diet as well as for the prevention of stretch marks and cellulite.
  • Possessing ultra-high hydrating properties, the cream provides an immediate effect of visually smooth skin.
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect, removes irritation and redness.
  • Fixes uneven skin tone.
  • Prevents pigmentation and makes the already existing spots less noticeable.
  • Normalizes skin’s condition in general, restores its barrier function, prevents trans epidermal moisture loss.
How to Use:
  • Apply twice daily (morning and evening) on the cleansed body skin.
  • The cream will work more effectively if applied after exfoliating the skin.
  • Apply with upward motions, starting with legs and paying particular attention to problem areas.
  • Massage the cream into the skin until fully absorbed.
Safety Precautions:

Do not use with eczema and other skin problems. If discomfort or irritation occurs, stop using the product and consult your dermatologist.

Make sure to prevent the product from getting into your eyes. If the product has gotten into your eyes, wash it away immediately with plenty of water.

Do not store the product at very high or low temperatures, keep away from direct sunlight. Store in places inaccessible for children.

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