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Windi® gasspassers are a first aid in case of baby colic.

Colic - paroxysmal stomach pain, accompanied by the child expressed anxiety. The cause of colic is increased gas formation: gas bubbles, pressing on the walls of the intestines and stomach of the baby, what brings discomfort and pain. Because of the constant stay of a newborn in a horizontal position, the excess gases cannot go out by themselves.

Gasspassers, or catheters, are used just to eliminate accumulated excess gases. The principle of the gasspasser is to irritate the intestine by inserting it into the anus of the baby. The intestines begin to actively contract, helping the gases to escape.

The gasspasser does not irritate the mucous like candles and does not reduce the level of useful intestinal microflora unlike the enema.

Modern gasspassers Windi help to quickly remove gases and eliminate the discomfort caused by them.

Advantages of Windi gasspassers:

• Safety - a specially designed length of the tube allows it to be inserted at the desired depth, and its special configuration with an insertion limiter helps to avoid too deep insertion. Moreover, Windi® has a smooth atraumatic tip.

• Hygiene - the tube is sterile, disposable, does not require pre-boiling, like a traditional catheter.

• Convenience - it is developed in a way that any parent who does not have special medical training, can help his child get rid of excess gases.

• Effectiveness - according to a study conducted in a children's clinic in Sweden, the efficiency of Windi® gasspassers were 71%: their regular use had a positive effect on the newborn shape, helping them to get rid of colic and other related problems.

• Popularity – Windi is one of the most popular baby tools among more than 30 countries including the USA, Canada, European counties – Germany, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and others.

Instructions for using Windi:

Massage the baby tummy, holding the hand from the right side to the center of the tummy, and then - from the top down to direct the gases to the anus. Do the same massage on the left side. Repeat massage 3 times on each side.

Always lubricate the tube with baby cream, oil or petroleum jelly before insertion to facilitate insertion. Raise the baby's legs and gently insert the catheter into the anus like the thermometer. When the gases start to come out, you will immediately hear a characteristic sound. Sometimes a small amount of feces may come out with the gases. If the gases do not come out right away, repeat the massage and try to insert the catheter again.

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times in order to achieve the desired result. During one procedure, you can use the same catheter several times.

Never leave the tube in the anus of the child after stopping the procedure.

Detailed instructions with recommendations for the tummy massage is inside the package.

Do not use Windi more than three times a day, because excessive use can reduce the reflexes of the baby's bowels.

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