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Soft and perfectly fit with no worry of leakage! Rounded Fit around bottom. Super three dimensional shape wraps around the bodies of babies in accordance with their bone structure. Protects from back leakage thanks to the "stretchable fit gather" fitting on the backs of the babies. "Flexible stretch gather" softly fits to the baby according to the shape of their thighs. Doubled instant-absorptive capacity sheets make it so you are worry free about leaks! Moony is very comfortably soft and gentle. Because it directly touch your delicate baby.

The inside of a diaper: air silky material, with fibers as fine as silk, is used in the inner sheet that comes into direct contact with the baby's skin. The diapers are now even gentler on the skin.

The outside of a diaper: touch and feel, the secret of a soft touch is that it is made in a quilting form. Like being cradled in a mom’s arms, a baby feels comfortable in moony. Moony makes babies and moms happy. 

Instant-absorbing sheets means no worries about leaking! 

Absorbs urine effectively: absorb urine for up to 12 hours*.

*The amount of urine differs from baby to baby. This is a rough indication of the amount of urine the diaper can absorb, not an indication of the length of time diaper can be used.

Stays dry with leak prevention: babies have higher body temperatures and tend to sweat a lot, but the sheet keeps their bottoms dry.

There is indicator so we can know timing of diaper change: the indicator line will change into bluish green color, so you can know when to change diaper.

Gentle to the skin: soft tape. Materials that are friendly for the baby’s skin and stepless design for no stuck fingers.

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